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I have always been naturally skinny my whole life until my late twenties. I worked out once in a while, but didn’t know what to do. My eating was all over the place - one day I would eat a lot and other days barely eat. At my lowest weight, I was 26 years old and weighed 138 lbs. Being 5’ll” tall, I was basically skin and bones. 

On March 21, 2014 I declared to pursue a health conscious lifestyle. It all started in my basement gym with basic weight training exercises. I made a point to eat on a schedule, incorporating protein shakes throughout the day. 

After one month of training on my own, I joined a gym, within 3 months I weighed 175lbs. 

With trail and error I discovered the workouts suitable for my body type. After 4 years, I continue to workout 3 to 5 times a week, maintaining 180 lbs. with 10 % body fat. I also became a NASM certified personal trainer on June 2015 and have helped change hundreds of people’s lives. 

To obtain your goals you have to be dedicated, focused, and actively putting the work in. 



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If  you are ready to start living a healthy lifestyle, message me to get  started! Everyone has a unique situation, and I'll strive to accommodate  yours.

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